Tuesday, June 8, 2010

specific acts of gratitude

Every day (except for the week or so I was getting used to these meds), I get an afternoon coffee. It's always the same: light, iced decaf with half and half. I used to use splenda but am working on no artificial sweeteners so I toss in some organic raw sugar and am good to go. For the most part I go to the same place—for those of you how haven't noticed, I'm a creature of habit. I know everyone who works at Royale, the tiny hot pink coffee bar across the street from me and often, they start pouring my cup before I walk through the door.

I'm that predictable.

Today I got there and found one of the women who works there standing outside, perplexed. She'd locked the door to go to the bathroom next door and couldn't get back in. I tried. The locked was totally jammed.

She called her boss.

We chatted a bit.

Inside I was spinning about where to go for my coffee.

But, she said, "the usual?" and went through the restaurant next door to get in the back way. Moments later she was back, cup in hand.

While we were talking about blogging, job opportunities, how marketing to girls has gotten hot pink out of control a man walked up the ramp, disconcerted to find the door locked.

He had been looking forward to a vanilla chai and offered to come back later but my coffee friend said not at all, she'd be back with his drink in moments. He took my seat on the bench, offering to explain to potential patrons what was going on.

We agreed that this was a quirky, yet lovely NYC moment.

Gratitude day 2 is about sharing unlikely connections and appreciating the thoughtfulness of others.

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Dahlila said...

What a nice story. I go to my own coffee house every day while I walk my dog. I know everyone there & some of their stories. I bake them cookies. They give me coffee. I plant their flowers....they give me more coffee. :-)

Since I work at home this is my coffee clatch. I can't imagine living in a neighborhood w/o a friendly coffee house. I'm glad you have one too.