Tuesday, June 29, 2010

skin deep

This morning, while standing on a ridiculously long line at Trader Joe's, I noticed a short black hair. Sounds relatively innocuous, only it was growing out of my right forearm about an inch above my wrist.

Looking closer I realized it wasn't the only one. I discovered two more before we got to the cashier and I was thankfully distracted from further exploration.

This is not a big deal. Truly. And yet, it is. Why are black hairs suddenly sprouting out in plain sight?

Oh god, I just found another one.

And yet, hairs on my head are turning shades of grey. I've even spotted a couple of stray eyebrow hairs far lighter than they've ever been.

Can't my body color coordinate?

Although, would I choose all dark or all light? That's a tough one.

And while I'm talking hair I have to mention, why does there have to be more? Not to gross anyone out but my toes are sprouting slightly. I've got a fine coating on my knuckles too. My arms seem fuzzier than ever.

I'm thinking about carrying a tweezer with me at all times going forward. But I'm pretty sure I'd be fighting a losing battle.

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The Plush Gourmet said...

Carry the tweezers anyway. And ALWAYS check face in rearview mirror before exiting vehicle. Hairs show up in there that are invisible in any other mirror/light combo~~some amazing ones. Trust me, I'm older than you :)