Monday, June 28, 2010


Sometimes life floats by effortlessly, pieces fall easily into place and all is generally good. During those times it's not always easy to appreciate how lovely things are—there are still moments and stresses and arguments and pitfalls. Sometimes, in spite of there being very little to complain about, we too easily get caught up in the negative and spend a lot of time stuck there.

And sometimes it's just the opposite.

Sometimes, life smacks us hard, throws us too much to handle, piles so much on our plates it becomes too heavy to carry and we're lost.

We can't cope.

We can't deal.

We can't see the end of the tunnel because everything is pitch black, terrifying, heart-breakingly scary.

We can't believe we'll survive this.

We desperately want to go back to when things were fine because from this place we know how lucky we were.

We want to turn back time. Escape where we are. Avoid the pain, the doubt, the terror that nothing will return to normal. Because we know it never will.

But that's not to say things won't get back to a more balanced, more sane, more comfortable place. Different, but ok.

In those places we can be paralyzed, frozen, immobilized. Not know who to trust, what to do. Our faith in the word and ourselves can be shaken to the point there's nothing to hold onto anymore and all we can do is desperately wish for something, anything else.

Sitting smack in the middle of the unknown sucks.

Sometimes we have no choice.

Sometimes everything looks, feels, seems, is bleak.

But it never lasts forever.

From the midst of darkness it's hard to believe there's light anywhere out there.

But there is. There always is.

Someone I know, someone I love dearly is suffering right and has been lost in the tunnel for too long. In my heart, deep down, I know beyond knowing all will get to a better place. She doesn't know it yet but I do.


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McMedia said...

So right you are! No matter how dim, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping your friend see's it soon!