Tuesday, May 18, 2010

this blog has been interrupted

Hey folks - I'm far too anxious to write today. I thought today was going to be better, but no. My heart is racing, my jaw is clenched tight, I'm having trouble breathing, I'm back on the edge. And this is on meds. After a lovely early morning yoga.

So, I'm wrapped in a fuzzy blanket (Iz's anti-anxiety remedy) waiting to pick Jack up and trudge through the rain to mid town dental appointments—hoping I survive the afternoon.

I'm sharing this today. Thoughts I wrote last night about my week long sugar break:

I'm hoping, praying beyond prayers that tomorrow will be better.

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MrsWhich said...

There has been a lot of stress in your general vicinity for quite a while, and you've been the doer, fixer, reliable person you needed to be. Your mind and body can only eat so much before overdose. Can you lean into it, gently? There is a part of you that knows what is happening and there is a part of you that is too afraid. Can you observe it all without judging it? It's possible you're on the verge of something important.