Tuesday, May 11, 2010

living the sugar free life

I'm not having a good day. Drama. Relationships. Illness. No sleep.

Starbucks hot chocolate would help.

Iced coffee from Royale with chocolate syrup mixed in.

Chocolate sorbet from Maximo Pino.

Vegan chocolate cake from Lifethyme (I like to pretend vegan means less calories).

A pop tart would take the edge off.

One of the 6 chocolate mousse yoghurt whips in the fridge.

The dark chocolate covered almonds with sea salt from Trader Joe's.

A chocolate chip granola bar.

As I list things that make me feel better I'm seeing I've been making myself feel better this way far too often. Perhaps, looking at what's making me feel bad and addressing that instead of avoiding it would be better in the end.

It's going to hurt more though.

I'd rather drown myself in chocolate.

That's already obvious.

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