Thursday, May 13, 2010

the common cold

I felt it last night. At first I thought it was the fallout of standing in front of a mostly empty auditorium, under a burning spotlight, giving my first speech as PTA co-president. I've learned I crash after being "on" for a performance and this sort of counted as one. Even though my motto for this gig is Lower Your Expectations, there's so much to do I'm completely overwhelmed.

After a chilly walk home the chill never left and aches set in. More like ACHES. My body felt as if I'd worked out really hard for hours. I'd taken a yoga class, but it was a super mellow one. And then, fatigue washed over me and I couldn't talk anymore. I sat at my computer until the need to be stretched out on my bed, under fuzzy blankets got too strong. I'm not sure how my kids got to bed. I'm not sure that I brushed my teeth. I don't remember changing.

Next thing I do remember it was 4 in the morning and my throat was throbbing. Not a thirsty throb, an I'm-sick-dammit-pay-attention-to-me throb. I popped 2 advil and crashed back into bed.

When it was time to get Iz up, I couldn't move. I'm only upright now thanks to the sudafed coursing through my veins. That and mucinex, advil, plus apple cider vinegar and honey. No matter how much water I drink, I'm still parched. I want to fall back asleep but the drugs are keeping me awake.

That and the fact that I have a sick kid at home with me.

This first day of a cold is day 3 for Jack. I suppose it was unavoidable. We've been together nonstop except for those 3 hours he spent at school yesterday, until the nurse called to pick him up. I've wiped his nose, held him while he fell asleep, sat with him through meds, neti pots, nose sprays.

This was the week I was going to get work done. Going to start WRINKLE. Going to clean my desk, pay my bills, send out invoices, tackle the clutter.


This is the week that's floating by, day after day, each exactly the same, with nothing to show for it but a pile of snotty tissues and red and raw noses.

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Michelle said...

You cannot seem to catch a break these past few weeks! I hope you feel better soon!