Saturday, December 27, 2008

the wired cup

The village at Stratton has a lovely little coffee shop called The Wired Cup. It's lovely to stop in and get coffee, to sip a cup of hot chocolate for awhile, they have delicious butternut squash and apple soup (truly, it was fabulous). But, I've been stuck here for HOURS and I have so little patience for being trapped somewhere with no other options. Ok, there are a few other options here: super expensive shopping, a stinky, sweaty ski lodge, a spa with no amenities. It's like if you don't ski, don't bother being here. My brain is sluggish, my back is aching, and I want to leave. So does Jack. But, Iz wanted to do one last run, after Dee had to do one last run with Jon. How many last runs are there? It's sort of like the Cher/Tina Turner farewell tours. They say it's the end, but it's not even close.

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