Thursday, December 25, 2008

what I love about Christmas morning . . .

is that I don't celebrate Christmas. I don't have this hard deadline written in stone for when my shopping/organizing/wrapping needs to be done. Hannukah's way more flexible—there's just not as much performance pressure for one day. There aren't crazy expectations that have been building for a year for the BEST MORNING EVER. I don't have to expect the inevitable meltdowns after present-mania. We don't have to bundle up and visit assorted relatives so no one's feelings get hurt. We can sleep late, be super lazy, go to the movies, have chinese food. I'm not overwhelmed by mountains of shredded wrapping paper, disappointed egos unhappy with gifts, too many leftovers clogging my fridge. While part of me would love a tree, the lights, the cookies for Santa, the fantasy of Christmas, I'm happy with my scaled back reality.

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