Sunday, December 21, 2008

holiday excess

I was all set to write about consumerism and excess (and all too often tackiness) of the Christmas season, when I came across this Hanukkah dog outfit and realized we're all suckers for schlock. Is there no self restraint out there? I thought puppies in reindeer antlers or dressed as elves was just about rock bottom, but a satin yarmulke and tallis set for dogs? How desperate are people to throw money away? On garbage? On junk? If someone, anyone, took more than a second to think about what it is they're spending money on—the garbage they're creating, the landfills that they're filling, the clutter that's clogging their closets and their psyches, maybe they'd think twice and leave the filler on the shelves. Shopping itself can be a visceral thrill, but really, how long is that inflatable fruit cake going to be amusing?

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Matt said...

This comment is for Elissa Stein and has nothing to do with this blog. I remember, like it was yesterday, when Elissa walked into my office (I think it was 1994 or 1995), back when I was important enough to have an office, and told me about her book idea for Chunks. I thought it was silly and disgusting, and she went out and got the book published. By the looks of her website, she has accomplished quite a few books and even more properties. She always seemed to be bubbling with ideas. She was no match Harper at the time, and moved on to something better. She should be admired and applauded for the resourcefulness and fortitude that has taken her to a new level. I miss her and those times -- back when youth was part of my life.