Saturday, December 6, 2008

cell phone dramady

Iz is ready to walk home herself which means it's time to set her up with a cell phone. Even though we live across the street, it's still 3 city corners to cross and I want to make sure I can reach her and vice versa, that entire time. So, I called at&t to add a line. Turns out it's not that simple. To start a family plan I'd have to give up my current plan and then pay more money for less minutes. Not too enticing. I can get her a go phone and pay 30 bucks a month, plus a texting package, which adds up for someone who doesn't talk on the phone. There's also the iphone tangent, as in I want one. That would cost $30 extra a month, plus texting, on top of what I have now. All in all, that's a bunch of extra bucks to throw out every month, not counting the price of the phones. What to do? At the moment, nothing.

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