Friday, December 26, 2008

crossed wires

Experiencing Jon and his mother having a conversation is almost like listening to people talk at each other in different languages. Neither can understand what the other one is saying and both desperately want to make their point, so they keep talking and talking and talking, regardless of the fact the other isn't comprehending. It used to make me insane, especially as frustration and anger ramped up each exchange. For some reason, tonight I'm finding the humor within.

We're discussing what time to leave in the morning to ski. Jon's mom wants to leave at 7:30, getting to the mountain at least half an hour before the slopes open. I find that ridiculous. Jon's trying to get her to let go of that insane control and ease up a bit. 15 minutes into the discussion, he's talking about how weather affects crowd turnout and that rain will be good so it won't be so crowded tomorrow. She's still stuck on what time we're leaving. Neither was aware they weren't even remotely close, topic-wise.

On that note, I have to mention the travel humidifier I bought as a Hannukah present for Jon last year, that's been purring away in her living room since last December. I got it so we could leave it in the car, to use whenever we travel. She assumed, when he brought it in the house last winter, that it was a present for her. Even when he said he was taking it back, she refused to let it go. When I put the pieces together, I think Jon must have said the humidifier was a gift, she must have assumed he meant gift for her, and the miscommunication just continued from there. Totally typical. But, this time I said I was taking it back. She is not happy. But there's no misunderstanding with me. We're not leaving at 7:30 tomorrow either, regardless of what she thinks.

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