Wednesday, December 17, 2008

it's not a tiara

I've been having shifting pain in my jaw, ear, face, neck for awhile and chose to not quite ignore it, but not quite address it. Until the ear part made me think my eardrum was back on the road to rupturing (it happened twice in 2005—pain a second close to childbirth. without drugs). I'm seeing an ENT tomorrow, but called my dentist before the weekend wondering if there was a tooth component in there as well. And the answer was . . . yes. One of my molars was cracked. How? Most likely clenching my teeth when I sleep. I had no idea I was even doing that. On Monday they poked around in my mouth and there were some dull achy spots, but when the dentist ran an ice cube over the front of my teeth, in one spot if felt like she rammed a burning knife way up my gums into my brain. Not a pretty picture. So, today, after laying out $2400, I spent 2 hours with my feet higher than my head, having my poor tooth drilled like it was pothole and now have a temporary crown to show for it. Aside from the month of low level pain and the very long dentist visit with my mouth wrenched open like it was a gateway to hell, this might not even work. Root canal still is a possibility in my very near future.

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