Thursday, December 11, 2008

paying for what?

Iz and I weathered the cell phone insanity and got her all set up. The whole thing is ridiculous. My plan with at&t is apparently so good (1500 minutes/$49.99) they don't offer it anymore so to get a family plan I'd have to pay more to get less. That didn't work for me. We headed up to the at&t store where I was shocked to find they don't have phones on display. The salesperson pulled out beat up samples for us to look at. Iz liked a teeny tiny samsung that I was sure she'd lose in 5 minutes, but the color wasn't working and we were told that was the only color available. The woman was trying to sell us on a plan for $39.99 that really would cost $56 per month after taxes. I wanted a go plan, pay by the minute, free to me, but who am I? Just the consumer. Before she could get me to sign on the dotted line, we escaped to a cell phone store on 14th street to see what our options were. They had Iz's phone in a lovely blue, but the guy at this store only wanted us to sign up with t-mobile. He bordered on hostile but I stuck to my guns and went the at&t route. She picked an older motorola—no camera—because it was black and silver which matched what she was wearing. She left it home, charging, two days in a row.

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