Friday, December 12, 2008

when it's not about me

Today Izzy found out that she got one of the leads in her school play. She's going to be Lina Lamont, the stunning yet stupid silent screen star of Singin' in the Rain. Even though she had an after school class, I went to pickup, thinking she would either be devastated or thrilled by the announcement of roles. I saw her quietly walk across the yard, with a stoic look on her face. She pulled me in close, told me not to show any reaction, and then whispered her part in my ear. I screamed, I was so insanely proud of her and she quickly told me to pull it together and cut it out. Jack had the same reaction—we both screamed, she blushed and then told us we weren't being sensitive to everyone else's feelings.

I had no idea, before these play auditions, that she had any interest in performing. In fact, I had no idea she could sing, or act. That she could channel her sometimes ridiculous behavior into a remarkably comedic performance. It's amazing the joy and pride you can feel that has nothing to do with you. My heart was/is overflowing.

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