Thursday, December 18, 2008

not a very good week

Today I went to the ENT, to make sure my ear was ok—part of my being responsible about the shifting vague pain in the left side of my face. 3 years ago my eardrum ruptured, twice, and I ended up in the hospital on 6 hours of antibiotic drips a day. I had actually seen this doctor for a consult in the hospital and she remembered me. She remembered the room I was in, that I had my laptop with me and was working, that I was a writer. At some point I have to let go of the misconception that I fade in the woodwork and leave no impressions on anyone. So, my eardrum looked "pristine" as doctor noted, but I have a full-fledged sinus infection. Not a surprise. But man, Monday was my cracked molar discovery, yesterday was my dental extravaganza, today a sinus infection. And I completely lost my voice an hour ago. There's nothing left but subtle croaking. What can tomorrow bring?

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