Saturday, December 20, 2008

what can I do?

That's Jack's resounding slogan. I don't think a day of his life has gone by without him saying "what can I do" at least 20 times. Even when he's doing something else, he still can ask what can he do in anticipation of finishing. Before he was uttering complete words, his motto was "what kiy (long i) do?" As if I have a magic answer. Or any answer at all. Generally, no matter what I suggest, he says no. Or, his latest "ah . . . no" in a really disgusted voice. I just suggested playing guitar hero and he shot me down. If I suggest baking cookies, going to Grand Central, to the holiday fair at Union Square, bike riding, doing an art project, roller blading, chess, just anything thing you could think of, I get the "ah . . . no." I'm not the Wizard of Oz, or his entertainment psychic.

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