Sunday, July 4, 2010

meant to be

I'm not one for long-term planning. When opportunities happen in my life, it's more a fall-in-the-lap sort of thing, not a strategizing, thinking organizing experience.

We bought our apartment after having been given 24 hours to make a decision. We hadn't been planning on moving when the doorman gave us a tip about a possible sale and boom, next thing you know we were scrambling to make it all happen. It did and we've been living here for 10 years.

When we were thinking about possibly becoming parents, barely entertaining the thought of maybe, one day, considering a baby, boom I was pregnant and Iz was on her way. Same thing happened with Jack. I wanted kids 3 years apart and a spring baby. Boom. My kids are 3 years apart and Jack was born in early May.

So, we've been thinking about a dog. Thinking, talking, imagining, dreaming. But, no concrete plans. We've scoured petfinder every once in awhile, researched various breeds, the kids doubted that a puppy would ever come into our lives.

And then 2 days ago the most adorable fluff ball appeared on facebook. A great friend of mine rescues dogs and works her butt off to find them homes. Gracie the Divine, a white maltipoo with apricot ears, needed a family. We all agreed that she was as close to perfect for us as a puppy could be. Even though she was smaller than Jon wanted, a color Iz didn't want, was older than Jack wanted and poops, which I'm not so excited about, we collectively agreed she was the right fit for us.

I'm about to email our yes.

And Gracie Baked Potato will come home.

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Dani H said...

I just saw the pic of your new puppy! Congratulations! *hugs*
Dani ddh77