Wednesday, July 14, 2010

culture clash

While strange things crop up now and then, I had a conversation this morning that revealed something so outlandish I'm still somewhat reeling.

Last week, while in Vermont, Jon and I were getting ready to leave the kids for a couple of nights to head out on our own. First time ever. Before we hit the road, we did everything we could to set them up and make them comfortable—planning activities, meals, getting things ready for bed. But, as we pulled open the couch in the extra bedroom of a location which must remain anonymous, we encountered what appeared to be a pile of brown seeds tucked neatly in between the mattress and the bed frame. They were small, almost cocoa colored, hundreds and hundreds piled densely together.

It didn't make any sense. Seeds? In a pull out bed? My first thought was they had to be part of some art project that hadn't been put away properly. The anonymous house owner shrieked: MOUSE POOP! which further unnerved the under 12 set. There was no logical explanation readily available to NYC apartment dwellers and everyone blatantly refused to sleep on the couch, which led to a spontaneous musical bed game.

This morning, I was informed the mystery had been gotten to the bottom of.

The seeds had been secreted there by a chipmunk readying him/herself for winter.

And, apparently, that hadn't been the only stash.

A chipmunk sneaking into the house and hiding seeds in sofa cushions was plenty to wrap my head around. But, that's not the end of the story.

Apparently the hole had been plugged last summer and the house had been chipmunk free for a year.

I don't buy it. No one slept in the guest room for a year? No one vacuumed the living room couch cushions?

I'm not quite able to process and deal with the fact that a chipmunk and I had been residing under the same roof. Perhaps at the same time.

Too Green Acres for me.

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