Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I wanted to write a stirring synopsis of my 25 mile bike ride yesterday through the hills, both on back roads and highways of Southern Vermont, but the day got away from me and now I'm sticking-to-my-chair hot and still have more things to put away than I want to contend with.

I'll say this . . .

It was unnerving. I never thought I could do it. There were hills (2) so intense I had to stop before getting to the top. My heart pounded hard in my chest. My thighs were quaking. Using the lowest possible gear with every driving push I moved an inch. And there were downhills so steep panic rose in my throat as I braked the entire way down.

The temperature rose to 96 while we were on the road.

Much of our day was riding in blazing sun, sometimes on smooth pavement, other times vertical cracks breaking up the road, always heading up or downhill, past open fields, cow pastures, wild flowers, silos and barns.

I had a mind-blowingly delicious salad at Moon Dog Cafe in Chester.

I rediscovered that I hate lemon lime Gatorade.

I never knew I could drink that much water and not have to pee.

There were moments, when I let go of the brakes and I flew downhill that I felt like I was flying.

I never saw so many shades of vibrant green, as leaves etched sharply against the bright blue sky.

As we crossed a bridge, cars flying past on my left, mountains rising steeply behind them, all I could do was smile while gripping my handlebars with white fingers.

I completely, totally, outrageously handled the experience better than I ever would have imagined.

I surprised myself in a great way.

I can't wait to ride longer next time.

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