Thursday, July 29, 2010

It was a good day

Yesterday was nothing but delightful from beginning to end. I can't think of the last time, if ever, I spent a day content, engaged, happy, satisfied. Nothing extraordinary happened, there were no super highs (and therefore no crazy lows), it was just good.

As the kids headed out to camp—it was a friend's turn to take them downtown—I got a text from my oldest friends who happened to be in the city. She's also the person who rescues animals and sent Gracie to us. We met for spur-of-the-moment coffee with our puppies and ended up for a couple of hours chatting away in Washington Square Park, surrounded by flowers, shade from trees keeping us almost cool, the fountain dancing in the background. I dropped Gracie at home and then headed to an hour and a half yoga class with one of my all time, most delicious teachers who'd been gone for a year but is now back at Laughing Lotus. Even more of a bonus, one of my favorite songs was on her soundtrack for the day and I moved to a groove that was transportational, which isn't a word but that's what it was. Class ended with the deepest, juiciest shavasana ever.

As if that wasn't enough, my teacher and I went to Westville for lunch: I had a yummy Greek salad and sweet potato fries, which were perfection. From there I headed to Soho, stopped by delightful pup shop called Doggy Style, then picked up everyone at camp. We stopped by Eileen's Cheesecake before heading home.

Gracie had been at my sister's for the afternoon, so after an intense I-missed-you-so-much lovefest, and a few mellow moments, my friend from the morning and her pup stopped by. It was her birthday (the real reason for the cheesecake stop) and the mini celebration turned into ordering dinner and spending hours hanging out and catching up. After watermelon, more Westville: broccoli with garlic, pesto mashed potatoes, string beans with almonds and hearts of palm with roasted pepper, and cheesecake: regular, strawberry, dulce du leche, chocolate, oreo and mocha, it was time to end the day.

The stars aligned in a super mellow way. No one whined. No one fought. There were no arguments or altercations. No moments of stress. Everyone co-existed peacefully, calmly, contendedly.

I got in bed, so grateful for my family, my friends, my practice, my puppy, my home, my life, where I am, who I am.

It was a good day.

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