Tuesday, September 21, 2010

light and dark love

Love isn't equal opportunity. It's not all rainbows and bubbles and light. It's not all happy.

It's not all good.

In fact, as the song so succinctly mentions, sometimes love stinks.

It's black and bleak. You sink to the bottom of yourself, lower than you even knew was there, pain more brutal than you've ever felt, for love. In the name of love. Lost love. Love that betrays, that's taken away, that you believed in and it turned out to be a lie.

Love is bliss. Love is sustenance. Love is everything delicious, wonderful, nurturing. Love is light.

But love is dark.

What happens when you can't balance the two anymore? When the bad outweighs the good? When the hurt is constant, almost like a cut that won't heal? When you know you shouldn't be believe anymore but can't let go?


mrs mediocrity said...

Oh, I have been there, in that place. And I wish I had a great answer for you...it is always too complicated to just say leave it, although that is my first instinct.

I will send you a healing hug, and hope that answers come your way.

quin browne said...

You love yourself enough to walk away.

Unless it's chocolate...then, you agree to go to see a professional. Never walk away from chocolate.