Friday, September 10, 2010

Inevitable change

Yes I know change is inevitable. Yes I know that relationships shift, people grow apart, that nothing lasts forever.

I "know" that.

But I hate that.

I hate that what's so important to me now, what means so much, what fills me up and gives me hope, won't always. That relationships so profound, so deep, so meaningful, important, formative, ones that way down deep in my soul I knew were forever, aren't.

I'm losing one now. There's nothing I can do as this person moves on, not needing me anymore.

I could easily never speak to them again. We could have had our last conversation, last cup of coffee, last hello. To be honest, they moved on months ago and I couldn't. Wouldn't. Refused to acknowledge what was in front of me.

I ignored the truth. I made up alternate realities to explain what was going on. I wanted to believe that things didn't have to change.

That I wouldn't have to let go.

That I wouldn't ache like this. Hurt like this. Feel rejected, unimportant, not necessary anymore.

I want to believe in forever. I thought we both did.

But it was only me. You're already gone.

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