Thursday, September 16, 2010

Falling through the cracks

I'm sitting in waiting room, hoping it won't be too much longer until I see someone about my knee. I spoke to him at 7:15 this morning. Sent text messages with pictures of my knee over the past few days. Got info and updates from him on facebook. Now that's not typical and I'm blown away by the ease of access at a time when I'm scared and in pain.

I am grateful. Not just for that but because I knew who to call. I have insurance to pay for it. I have a family to walk the dog, get me ice, hold me when I cry, to worry about me an take care of me. I have friends who pushed me to see someone, who are there for whatever I need.

I am grateful. Blessed. Appreciative. Lucky.

Not everyone is.

I know people falling through the cracks. No insurance. No job. No family to fall back on. I can't begin to imagine holding it together, and I hold a lot together, without the knowledge that I'm not alone.

Thank you all. To the wonderful people in my life. You fill my heart.

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