Saturday, April 17, 2010

right now

The nap gods smiled on me and I just got to sleep in the middle of the day for almost 2 hours. The down side? I only wanted to stay curled up under a fuzzy blanket until tomorrow. The up side? It's already 7 and it won't be too long until I can crawl back in bed. The even more up side is that my kids compromised so beautifully on how to entertain themselves that there wasn't a single moment of bickering to mar the silence.

I am grateful.

I'm hoping we all survive dinner and baths in a calm and quiet manner so I can throw on sleep clothes and go back to sleep.


As I was groggily waking up I tried to figure out why I was so profoundly tired. But, it's been quite a week. Yesterday was quiet a day. I was hype queen every moment I was home, sharing my new HuffPo piece, my guest blog post on aging, my WRINKLE survey. The first two things pubbed yesterday morning which was pretty thrilling. Then it was running around like mad, getting ready to organize and chaperone a 7th grade dance. That was not so great. The adults and students setting it up were terrific, the kids attending the dance, not always so much. Several times kids told me they were bored and asked for their money back. At 45 I couldn't imagine doing that—at 12, making that demand of  grownup seemed not a big deal. We rushed from the dance to pick up Jack downtown and then it was an evening of crankfests and arguing all around, topped off with the discovery that Iz's molar, a baby one, had cracked in half and she had been in pain for hours. That led to an emergency dental visit today, where, thanks to copious amounts of numbing gell, the 2 halves were separately removed by our amazing dentist. Jack, meanwhile, had a little league game this morning. Getting him out the door was a Herculean feat. Last week had been the season opener, played at 8 in the morning on a freezing cold field, losing 4-1, struggling with kid's pitching instead of coaches. I wouldn't have wanted to go back either. 

Yesterday ended a week of actual design work (woohoo!), my dead laptop, Jack on the news, huge new responsibilities running this middle school PTA, and oh . . . I can't remember anymore.

But, I got my dream nap. 

Life is sleepy, but good. 

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