Saturday, April 24, 2010

the meeting of the me's

This week was about the universe smacking me in the head, only I just realized it this morning. I had written recently about the 2 me's—the at-home me, juggling my day-to-day, and the ME who does interviews, projects, is in the spotlight, not hiding behind the curtain and how hard it is to be both at the same time. This week I found I was spending much more time than usual as the combined me. Yesterday, at a lovely coffee date a friend from twitter I'd never met in the real world before suggested perhaps it's all about letting these disparate parts of my life integrate and then I could just be me. Me. All the time.

It's happening more and more often. Monday I had lunch with people from Seventh Generation around the corner from Jack's school, talking about education, natural products, a new blog post for them, how we might work together in the future. Tuesday I did an interview about the new Kotex campaign while alternate side parking. Then, in sweaty yoga clothes I spent a couple of delicious hours talking intention, conjuring dreams into reality, Vajesus, lavender scented rivers and possible combined appearances with the real-life goddess Lissa Rankin. We share the same editor, met on twitter and here we were chatting away like we'd know each other for far longer than half an hour. Yesterday I met Stephanie Gailing, this amazingly beautiful spirit I met on twitter. It felt like I'd known her forever as we shared delicious chocolates from a Soho shop and talked mothers, astrology, the ins and outs of publishing, stepping back and seeing where we are in this world, aging, communicating and perhaps working together in the future.

The me collide was subtler but somehow more dramatic at Iz's middle school curriculum night on Thursday. Two different dads at two different times mentioned something I'd done. Knowing we'd never talked about it, both said they'd read my blog. One, in fact (yes, I'm blogging about you JM), literally shocked me into silence. He said he'd read my blog and when I laughed it off, held out his hands and said sometimes he just needed a spiritual pedicure.


Part of the challenge for me—most of it really—is owning it. Feeling confident and comfortable in what I do, who I am. Yesterday, with Stephanie, I had these moments of clarity that were insane. It wasn't just a lightbulb moment, it was like a chandelier illuminating over my head (but not a tacky Liberace one). I take what I do for granted and lose track of the fact that most people don't see the world the way I do. Design, coming up with ideas, getting my messages out into the world isn't quite effortless but it's me. I communicate.

That's my calling. And that's the conversation that started with Lissa.

I'm here to get people talking, thinking, challenging themselves, digging a little deeper. About subjects we don't necessarily feel comfortable exploring.

Someone suggested on my WRINKLE survey that after this I tackle death. Love that people are helping light up my path for me.

Namaste peeps. I'm glad you're sharing my journey.

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