Friday, April 16, 2010

catching up

My laptop lives! I got it back last night and even though it's technically 2 years old, the repair folks said it's basically as if it's new out of the box and because I declined to pat $250 for data recovery, it literally is. I'm setting everything up from scratch, which is REALLY STUPID. I should have paid the money. In my computer crash panic, I didn't realize data meant programs and settings. I thought I'd lose any work on here, which wasn't all that much. Generally, from my laptop, I do online stuff. Or work and send it to my big computer. 

Basically, I'd had no idea what I'd lost. Until I booted up last night and realized, shit, I'm back to square one. I just finished setting up my safari toolbar so I could find my online bookmarks. 20 minutes shot.

A cramp just ripped through my side.

Forgive me in advance folks, for how jumbled this post will be. While on the one hand it feel so good to have my laptop back–this is where I generally blog from—much is going on at the same time so a rational post isn't in my today.

Apparently the one hard day of my period is a thing of the past. It's day two and cramps are now so intense they're taking my breath away. My headache's back, after a slight reprieve last night. Flow is still insane. 


But, there's light in here somewhere. I got my WRINKLE survey up and running and in the past few days 242 people took time to share their thoughts. I'm blown away. When I first posted it on twitter I'd hoped if I heard from 50 I'd be lucky. Many of the people writing are people I don't know. I love, and I mean LOVE, that what I'm doing is resonating with so many. That my questions get people thinking and sharing, enough so they share what I'm doing with others. LOVE it. This is a subject that is fascinating, interesting, scary, and effects everyone on the planet. Having an opportunity to think about it a bit is something most of us don't take time to do. I'm hoping that by diving into the subject, I'll be better equipped to grapple with my own stuff. Like the panic every time my head twinges that something much more dire is going on. 

On that slightly unhinged note, it's time for everyone else's morning craziness.

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