Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Right now

It's 9:38am. I'm in my car, blogging on my phone because my laptop died last Friday. I'm writing into the body of an email becase I can't get my blog app working. I spent the last 8 minutes fighting a text box that wouldn't let me actually enter text.

The half hour before that I spent in bumper to bumper traffic heading back to the city from Target. I'd been planning to do a big shop in their new and improved grocery section but discovered, when I got there at 8:05, it doesn't open until next week.

On the way to the Holland Tunnel I had an unexpected blow out with someone who was along for the shop. Frustrated, I said they should get out of the car. And they did, barely waiting until I came to a stop. It was a figurative statement. But, there I was, fuming, not able to turn around as I was in an entrance lane.

I had just come from the supermarket, getting a flavor of ice cream Iz would eat, so we could crush Claritin into tiny pieces to help with the severe pollen attack she's having today. I picked it up on my way home from dropping Jack off early at school. A FOX news crew was there at 7:30 to film PS41 kids working with Inside Broadway.

I have a national radio interview at 1:15. An almost impossible to do freelance project, for a new client, to finish. An agenda to write for tomorrow night's PTA meeting at which I'm being elected co-president.

Iz has a playdate coming over this afternoon. I have to create a middle school planner cover and get it to the printer. Design t-shirts and have them produced. Get checks to a vendor for folders ordered. Mail books to FLOW contest winners. Have little league medical forms filled out. Get decorations for a 7th grade dance and round up volunteers too. Make sure someone comes to unclog a toilet and snake a bathtub drain.


Find camp options for both kids. Plan a vacation. Learn video editing. Finish a website. Write a book proposal. Find an agent. Plan Jack's birthday party. Redesign a middle school website and create a welcome package for orientation. Write 3 guest blog posts. Not all today but in the near future.

My head is throbbing. Sinus issues or borderline allergies kept me up much of the night. The knot in my shoulder has taken over.

It's now 9:58 and all I want to do is crawl back in bed and pretend I don't have anything to do.


Tubby Tabby's SquawkBox said...

Geez, I thought my life was stressful! Get some rest girl!!

Goody said...

oh my...

i am rarely without words but i feel your gravity and it seems so banal to say that things will get better




sending you hugs lady...

Elissa Stein said...

A nap helped. Then I did a 45 minute interview that wiped me flat. Again. I'm thinking of lying on the couch and watching Dancing with the Stars highlights.