Thursday, April 8, 2010

be careful what you wish for

Remember, just a few days ago, when I was missing how much I walk in the city?

Yesterday I had one of those days that has left my quads sore, my calves throbbing and the tops of my toes still tender and painful. I hiked, in flip flops, for miles.

And I am now going to indulge myself in figuring out just how far I traveled.

Need to know info: 3 city blocks = 1 city avenue. 20 city blocks = 1 mile.

I had a PTA meeting at Iz's school. Getting to school both bus and foot: 8 blocks.

Trip home, flip flops flapping the whole way: 26 blocks.

The hike from a meeting in Chelsea to picking Jack up at school: 20.

Roundtrip to the apartment to get his ripstick: 8.

Roundtrip to take Iz and friends to a restaurant birthday party: 20.

Roundtrip with Jack to meet a friend for ice cream on Bleecker: 24.

Running to the car at 11th and 5th to get a friend's parking spot at 12th and 7th: 7.

Total: 113 blocks. Which equals 5.65 miles.

I'm thinking that effort deserves a really long foot massage. And a pedicure.


Bari said...

Flip flops. While casual and cute, literally the WORST things you can put on your feet. EVER. No wonder your feet are sore. You'd be surprised at how many people end up in the doctor's office for committing flip flop abuse. Forget about being stylish. JUST.SAY.NO. Your feet, legs, quads, back, and just about every other body part with thank you. Your manicurist may hate you for it, but that's a whole OTHER issue! (Even a cute strappy sandal is healthier, and still cute)

LPC said...

Hey, it's a natural gym, life in the city. I miss that part.