Saturday, October 3, 2009

twitter love

It seems almost impossible that on Twitter, this anonymous moving web wall of posts 140 characters or shorter, one could forge supportive, nurturing, encouraging relationships, but that's just what's happening for me. There are these exceedingly cool women and men all over the world who make me laugh, share my work, give pertinent feedback and sometimes help me just waste time.

Last night was a first—this very talented photographer (with the ultimate avatar photo) featured me and Flow in a short video he made: I was blown away. This total stranger is so motivated to help promote Flow and share it with all his friends. Being a guy doing this deserves a double shout out.

Some others:

This just appeared 10 seconds ago: Greetums RT @obsrvationalist: @elissastein may your PR wave be a Tsunami

@Kdpartak @elissastein Amazing that in 2009 there is no good "basic language" book about a womans cycle. If no ones said it yet, Thank you!

@lifecruise Are you going with the "flow" with my nice, smart and funny friend Elissa @elissastein

elissastein RT @SusanPowers @elissastein When and where can we see the #flowfilm?

@butterflyhaikus: @elissastein your book promo video is fabulous! i can't wait for your book, FLOW, to be out.

@NovelHelp If I were you I'd go with the FLOW and #FF #followfriday @elissastein who is an incredibly hard working author and a great tweeter to have!

@ponet RT @elissastein @ponet My new FLOW film! #JUSTPURESHENIUS #ELISSASTEIN:

@libraryshade Vacuums and vaginas? Read about the not-distant period-past from @elissastein and

The amazing thing is that this goes on and on. I truly adore these strangers who have become friends and am grateful to have met them all.

And now, day 6 is done.

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