Thursday, October 1, 2009

more People not loving People

I can't let go of this quite yet. A friend on twitter pointed out the People happily accepts ad dollars from femcare companies—by that I mean manufacturers of tampons and pads. They also feature ads for menstrual suppression drugs, which, in a former life were called birth control pills. How easily that goes down when you refer to The Pill by another name.

This is exactly the conundrum we talk about in Flow. How can we have honest open conversation when society works REALLY hard to keep talk at a minimum, thus making it easier to hawk products that encourage us keep everything a secret? This People diss is a perfect example. Don't educate, just sell like mad.

Come on now people. How long do we have to live by someone else's rules? I challenge everyone to talk about Flow today. The book, your own, what your mother's PMS was like. Start a conversation. Ask a question.

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