Friday, October 9, 2009

connecting overload

Flow goes on sale one month from tomorrow and at this point it feels like I'm on the going up part of a roller coaster ride, creeping along, knowing something's going to happen but not knowing what it is. Having said that, I hope something dramatic DOES happen, that I'm on a crazy wild, state of the art coaster, not the kiddie one at a fair. Not knowing isn't easy for me. Neither is having no control over what may or may not happen. So, I've been connecting like mad. Twitter, facebook, blogging, youtube, email . . . it's hard to imagine that anyone I've ever met doesn't know Flow's going on sale next month.

And then, another opportunity popped up in my inbox. A friend invited me to connect with her at Linked In. While I write and design for a living, I do both in my living room, at coffee shops, and while sitting in my car during alternate side parking days. It's been more years than I can remember since I worked in an office. Just thinking about how to professionally describe myself, compared to those out there, was daunting. I set up my profile (although no matter what I add, it remains 45% completed). And then I invited people.

I was amazed at how busy my mailbox was yesterday. Email after email of people saying yes. I didn't recognize all the names, but didn't really think about it—I was feeling quite popular. Then my mother-in-law accepted my invitation. Hmm. I knew I hadn't invited her. Several people I knew from years and years ago got in touch, explaining why they weren't saying yes. And then two people I'd had horrendous experiences with on a project, who I thought had been exorcised from every recess of my computer's memory popped up as new connections. With a pit in the bottom of my stomach I realized that apparently, I invited EVERY SINGLE PERSON in my address book, even those I thought I had permanently deleted.

We'll see what today brings.

There is an amusing side. Last night I got yet another yes (I'm up to 104) from a friend who recognized a connection on my list—it was the person who had hired him for his current (quite prestigious) job. I had NO IDEA who this person was. It hit me, was I also inviting complete strangers? How was my computer accessing these addresses? I went into my account, looked up this profile and STILL didn't know this person. I was hysterical. While reading his info, I realized he took over a project I did some design work for this summer. We spoke on the phone twice and he had my invoice paid. It was lovely that he connected with me, but I'm betting he has no idea who I am either.

But, now he knows about Flow. And yes, folks, day 11 is a wrap.


MamaRoRo said...

Same thing happend to me and it ivited my ex-boss who had just let me go without notice from a job I had for 10 years!!! I had deleted her on facebook and now invited her on linkedin. Crazy. Also trying to figure out mynew identity!!

Elissa Stein said...

How does that happen?! I even invited myself. Twice.