Wednesday, October 14, 2009

to mom or not to mom, that is my question

My conundrum: FLOW is having a fancy, grownup launch party next month at Rizzoli's on 57th Street in NYC. An upscale, beautiful, slightly intimidating book store that specializes in fabulous art books. I actually have 2 potential outfits, which is unheard of for me. I do casual funky really well, ranging from hot pink and purple lotus t-shirts to outrageous 60s hawaiian dresses. My front closet is chuck full of vintage coats—everything from faux persian lamb to floor-sweeping rockstar groupie, 18 or so in all. For my party I have a simple black 60s sheath with a slightly swingy skirt and just bought a pair of black mod boots that are perfect. I also found a stunning black with brown lace over nude satin dress, very 60s cocktail party, 3/4 sleeves and it's beautiful. Shoes for that are a challenge—I'd love calf hugging pointy boots but haven't found them yet. But that's not my dilemma, the outfit or the boots. I don't know what to do about my kids.

They want to come to the party. And I would love them to be there—this is a really big moment for me that I want to share with them. They've lived every step of this book. And I'm used to being pulled in different directions all the time. But. BUT. This is my night. People are coming I haven't seen in years. I don't want to be the center of attention with someone grabbing my arm to let me know they're hungry. Bored. Tired. Want to go home. Forgot to do their homework. I don't want to be distracted by bickering, whining, complaining, fighting. I don't want to worry about kids getting wild and running around the store. I'd really prefer to be a grownup for 2 hours and enjoy my party.

That's not unreasonable is it? So why do I feel so guilty?

(day 16 and counting)


MrsWhich said...

What a difficult dilemma! How old are your kids? Would it be possible for an aunt or older cousin to take charge of them for the evening, with extracted promises that they are not there to talk with you that night except when you come to them?

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D., J.D. said...

I think the kids need to share the evening - BUT - and it's a big BUt - they need to understand that it's your big night. Let them play with your iphone when they get bored.

I bet having the kids with you will get you more publicity - kids tend to do that...

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Elissa Stein said...

My exceedingly cool brother read this post and offered to take them out to dinner after spending a brief time at the party. Perfect solution. They can be there and then go somewhere far more fun.

Anonymous said...

We love cool brothers and that is the best solution. It is good when a plan works and I for one, am excited to meet your kids after getting to know them and you for that matter virtually on FB which is probably a book in the making! :) Jane

Shelly Kramer said...

You should have your party, darling, and do something at another party with them. I am totally with you on this one. It is YOUR night and you should not have to focus on anyone else.