Wednesday, October 28, 2009

REDBOOK hates women

As I was googling FLOW (obsessive tendencies pop up when I'm anxious) last night, I found Redbook's dismissive November review scanned and posted on the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research's blog. Now I was certainly expecting people to find FLOW offensive—we don't hold back when it comes to the derisive stance religion's taken towards women, the terrifying outcomes because of lack of input from the FDA and drug companies who didn't bother to research whether hormone replacement drugs caused cancer or birth control pills caused strokes. Then there's the VAST amount of landfill created by endless femcare packaging . . . I could keep going on about the mindsets and companies we shed light on, but that's not why Redbook dissed us—the title of their piece was "One to Snub." They told women not to bother reading the book at all. Not to form their own opinions, not to learn something new, not to examine how they felt about their bodies and their cycles, not to educate themselves. They told their readers not to think. Not to question. Not to participate in a conversation about something every single one of them experiences countless times over their lifetimes.

What they did tell their readers? Go buy 3-5 days worth of ice cream. Leave the book on the shelf and binge on sugar and fat.

That was what society told women for eons. Fatten yourself up so you'll fetch a substantial dowry for your father when he marries you off. At the turn of last century (not that it was all that different from almost any other time in recorded history) women were discouraged from higher education because diverting blood to the brain from the reproductive organs would result in fertility issues and damaged children. Truly.

And here we are, in 2009 and a woman's magazine, a magazine FOR WOMEN, whose readership is women who are reading to learn something (actually, I don't believe readers of that magazine actually expect to learn anything but I'm on a roll), a magazine that's a vehicle for advertisers, that has an active role in the messages put out for women that shape the way we think and feel about ourselves actively encouraging their audience to continue doing what women have been forced to do for too long. Shut up. Shut down. And don't bother thinking.

No wonder our society is in an every growing battle with obesity and psychological problems. Look what's being shoved down our throats. By a self-help magazine.

Does Redbook really hate women? No. They just don't want us to think for ourselves. We're not important enough to hate.

Day 29 is rather disgusted.


Jeremy said...

Medieval mindsets are difficult to counter. But keep fighting the good fight, and those with minds open enough to pay attention will find something awesome with your book.

Susan said...

Excellent post. I think Redbook showed their true face with that one. Seems inconceivable in this day and age. Love your reply.

patti digh said...

A mention in Redbook, however stupid they are, is better than no mention in Redbook. I speak from experience. :-)