Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spiralling out of control

This morning everything was progressing nicely. Iz got up to do her homework only halfway in I realized that while she could easily recite the definition of a metaphor and simile she had no idea what they meant. No wonder homework had been a disaster for 3 straight nights.

With five minutes before she had to leave she remembered she had gym but hadn't bought the uniform yet. Her sneakers were falling off her feet. And her schedule was missing. With 3 minutes to go we're scambling through piles of clean laundry both throwing on clothes and I'm now heading to school with her, unexpectedly, to sort things out. Jack's family morning is in 10 minutes. He was still sleeping when I left the house.

Day 10 is off to a stressful start.


Cyndi said...

Ha! You aren't kidding - we are living parallel lives! I'm sorry you had a tough morning but secretly happy to hear I'm not alone in my disordered home. :) On the bright side for least you can help with the definitions of metaphor and simile. If 7th grade math gets any harder I'm going to have to get a tutor for ME! :)

Elissa Stein said...

I've already had to look definitions up to help with 6th grade math. I'm sort of amazing at how pathetic I am.