Saturday, October 10, 2009

a momentary loss

Usually Saturdays are pretty mellow at my house—everyone wants to just crash and relax (Jack's favorite weekend word) after a long week of work and school. But today was different. Iz had a friend here, I had a meeting about a new project, Jack had a play date at a friend's house, I squeezed in a yoga class, took the girls out to their favorite pizza place in the east village, and am heading out for a pedicure date in twenty minutes. I made sure there was always a grownup around, to drop off, pick up, hang out. Very structured and organized from beginning to end.

Except that when Jon got Jack to his friend's house, no one answered the buzzer. When someone finally came to the door, they were shocked to find Jack standing there. The mom had NO IDEA there was a play date on the books. Meanwhile, I vividly remember the email exchange—making sure Jack's friend's older brother would be there, that one on Saturday was a good time, they had something in the evening and invited us to join them if we were free. Only I can't find that email. I've searched my computer, my phone, gmail. Have done every word search I could think of. Narrowed down dates, even found preliminary messages talking about getting the kids together. But NOTHING about today. Absolutely nothing.

So. Am I losing my mind? Did I dream the plan and wake up believing it was real? Have I been so distracted lately that I made the whole thing up? It's marked on my calendar. I can't imagine I took time to mark down a figment of my imagination. Sigh. I think this is one of those situations I'll never find an answer for, no matter how fanatically I search. I just have to let it go.

After one more obsessive search through my trash . . .


And day 12 is done.


Dan said...

Any chance it was an exceptionally prosaic dream?

Elissa Stein said...

Specific details of a video game themed play date? I'd see yes, you're hit the nail on the head.