Thursday, December 30, 2010


As Jack and I were heading back from the beach we had this pretty remarkable chat about expectations.

A little background: this was our 4th cruise day, 3rd trip off the ship, first completely sunny, blue-skied, white sanded, turquoise watered Caribbean day. Unlike our usual adventurous selves, needing to discover the unbeaten path wherever we are, we stayed close to the ship and headed to a beach just past the tourist shops. So, it seemed, did just about everyone else from the 2 shipped in port. At 10:30am there wasn't a beach chair to be found, with only minute patches of sand to claim as our own.

But, the water was delicious, the view of the mountains, clouds lightly dipping down, was delightful. A breeze occasionally blew through, cooling us off as we lazed in the sun.

Jack had been looking for more - more fun, more adventure, more options. And I told him that expectations get you into trouble every time. When you hope, wish, wait for something spectacular, or even better than what is, most likely you'll be disappointed. On the other hand, if you take time to appreciate where you are, it can often be better than you realize.

We walked back to the ship, along the sparkling water, magenta and orange flowers dotting the path, skin pink from the sun, heads drowsy from the heat. Me and my boy. Me relishing the beauty of the moment, him dreaming of ice cream.

It took me years to learn to live in a moment. I'm hoping he got a glimpse of that today.

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Stratoz said...

I have found that to be true, so true. I think it is important to do craft shows that we enjoy and feel comfortable not ones where we think we can have lots of sales. Happy New Years. Enjoy your trip.