Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the end of year recap begins

At the close of most years I take time to ponder. To look back at what happened. How I grew. Or stayed stuck. What worked. What didn't. I'm generally amazed at how much has taken place but this year more than most. It doesn't seem possible that 2010 could possibly have been so much, in so many ways.

And so . . .

Biggest life changer: we found our puppy and she changed me in such great ways

Thing I thought might be a life changer but wasn't: speaking on national tv in front of millions of people

Most thrilling moment: watching Jack "get" column addition

Most challenging juggle: having my brother and sister in the hospital at the same time

Most unexpected decision: cutting my hair off

Biggest decision that was unexpectedly a no-brainer: going for kidney match testing

Thing I never imagined happening: taking Lexapro

Thing that I always imagined would happen but dreaded like hell: having a mini breakdown

Thing that threw me the most: falling off my bike and the crazy long recovery

Thing I'm most proud of: taking a month off from yoga to heal and handling it

Thing I'm most surprised about: that my body stayed just about the same

Biggest thing I gave up: sugar

Biggest thing I've taken on: PTA presidency

Thing I couldn't possibly imagine: that I'd be happy not being in the midst of a project

Most spur of the moment moment: getting my nose pierced

Best vacation ever: the end of August on the Jersey shore

Most grateful for: Jon, Iz, Jack and Gracie

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Stratoz said...

quite a year, may 2011 be an adventure filled with joy and hope.