Saturday, March 13, 2010

yes. I. can.

It's been far too long since I've accomplished anything concrete. My to-do list's been growing at a ridiculous rate, but there's been so much other stuff going on, I haven't been able to cross anything off. This morning, I wrote it out, yet again, in the notebook that sits on my desk, meant just for stuff like that. It's my go to place to jot notes, phone numbers, quick thoughts. I used to be religious about organizing my life that way and could scroll through old pages knowing exactly what I was doing by the words scribbled across the page. These days, I hold it all in my head which means very often something comes in and disappears too quickly for me to note it anywhere, lost forever in good intentions with zero follow through.

But today, I've been crossing things off my list.

I ordered my new computer. Somehow, it's taken over a month to have time to figure it all out. But, a 27 inch imac is on the way.

I pulled together and organized all my tax stuff. Not only that, I dropped it off at H&R Block with George, the lovely man making sense of it all for me.

I reconfigured my router debacle, ditched the seemingly dead time capsule, and somehow managed to get my airport express back up and running. After almost a week of no wireless in the apartment, we're now all online at the same time. Everyone fighting to use my computer was getting more than a bit tired.

All this on a Saturday with people needing meals, emotional support, negotiations, discussions. I've explained, mediated, placated. I even baked cookies.

I finally feel energized. Capable. Ready to dive in and make things happen. I can't remember the last time I felt this way. The emotional ups and downs of FLOW have taken a serious long-term toll. I've been addicted to checking stats, trolling for mentions, hyping whenever/wherever I could. Worrying. Planning. Worrying about a lack of planning. Planning what to do next. Worrying that no one else is planning anything.

Trust me folks, it hasn't been pretty.

But, today feels better. Cleared. More focused. I forgot how much I love that sense of getting something done.

Tomorrow I tackle survey monkey and my WRINKLE questionnaire. And the 12 other things on my to-do list.

Or, go to yoga and nap the afternoon away.

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LPC said...

Looking forward to your questionnaire. Anything called WRINKLE has to be on point around here:).