Friday, March 19, 2010

one lovely moment

It was a long day. I've been basically up since 4—waking up to wake Jon up so he could go on his 5 day out west ski extravaganza. I should have lots to say, but since I'm having trouble putting sentences together, I just wanted to share one moment from today.

After a miscommunication about what time my sister should have been over to do my makeup for the FOX show—she showed up just as I was tearing through the apartment in a panic trying to figure out how to handle the fact that I own no base, no blush, no brushes or sponges—I headed up to the FOX studio in midtown.

A quick aside: no one mentioned that you have to push the floor you're going to before you get on the elevator. Once you're in and the door closes, there's not a button to be seen. It took me 3 floors before someone explained the system and I made it to the studio.

Ok. This is my 3rd moment. Apparently even sheer exhaustion can't completely shut me up.

Anyway, we were in the green room, and were introduced to the second guest on the show, a renowned endometrious expert who was there with his wife. She came over and seemed to be almost shaking as she introduced herself. She then nervously pulled a copy of FLOW out of her bag and asked if we'd mind autographing it for someone in her husband's office. She's read the book, he'd read the book, they got copies for all 3 of their sons. They'd gone online to watch us on The View. They were thrilled to be talking to us in person. I was thrilled that they were so thrilled.

It still blows me away that someone could be so excited to meet me, that they love what I did, that they were inspired to share it with other people.

I never want to forget how amazing it felt to inspire such interest and enthusiasm in someone else.

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