Monday, March 29, 2010


So, we're hosting Passover tonight and I've been thinking/talking/writing about how grateful I am that my family will be together.

This morning I got an email from my dad that he had a flood in his basement and he and his wife won't be here.

I got another email 10 minutes ago that there was a situation with an umbrella, a bloody lip, loose teeth and an emergency room visit. Two more guests are off the list.

I called Jon to let him know and he said his mom's planning on coming, but has a very sore throat. I'm thinking if she's got a very sore throat she shouldn't be here. But, I'm also thinking she won't be thinking that.

My sister has a migraine. Her boyfriend is having a horrendous allergy attack (they ruled out pink eye and a scratch on the cornea since yesterday).

My mom is in so much pain she's done nothing but limp from the bed to the couch and back since she got here.

I still have dishes to cook, place settings to set, vacuuming to do.

I just got an email that the MIL isn't coming either. Nice to know reasonable wins sometimes.

There is so much food in the fridge I can't begin to imagine how it'll be eaten.

All I want to do is curl up on my bed and cry, but I have to act cheerful for the 2 people who are actually here.

I'm looking for my gratitude but it's gone missing at the moment.


quin browne said...

the good things of the situation are hard to see right now... mine them, though, because you can make some great funny stories later on.

if i were in the area, i'd come over. when i was little, i didn't want a sister (i wanted a pony, but, my parents gave me two brothers instead. ah, well), i wish i had one, to spend holidays with, to share the joy of family and tradition and food.

i envy you, even in this less than you wanted situation.

happy pesach, to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

too bad I don't live in the city- I would so crash your seder with my kids! Enjoy the moment- the quiteness of may end up having a good time- I think as we have gotten to know eachother in our writing...part of what makes us tick is entertaining a larger crowwd vs a smaller crowd but recently- I have done just that- small crowds- and they are fun and intimate and easy! Enjoy and Happy Passover. Can't wait to hear how it goes! Janie

Elissa Stein said...

If you guys were closer I'd absolutely LOVE for you to be here!

Lisa Adams said...

Oh, Elissa... it's such a shame when you spend so much time and energy and get yourself "geared up" only to be disappointed. I am so sorry for the mountain of cancellations. I hope it is salvageable even though it won't be the same.

LPC said...

I think that just plain sucks. To be blunt. Good thing tomorrow is another day.