Sunday, March 21, 2010

thank you

I think I say thank you more than the average person.

I say thanks every time I get on and off the bus, to anyone who holds a door for me, to everyone who rings up a sale, packs a bag, answers a question. I am grateful for the guy who delivers pizza or cuban/chinese in the rain, the kids who pour my coffee, the dairy manager who makes sure my favorite yogurt is always in stock. I appreciate the person who snake my drain when it clogs, the security guards at my kids' schools, the woman who enthusiastically tailors my vintage until it fits.

I am grateful an awful lot of the time.

But, right now I'm filled with even more gratitude than my usual day to day. The past couple of weeks have pushed me to the edge, stretched me to the limit, thrilled me, surprised me, satisfied me, shocked me. And through it all, I have had more support, more encouragement, more people shouting out, watching my back, sending love, than I ever could have imagined.

Thank you peeps.

If I was winning an award right now I know the orchestra would already be playing to get me off the stage. But, since I'm not in a fancy gown up on a stage holding a glittering statue, I can ramble on until I've had my fill.

Thank you to my family who have show enthusiasm for what I'm doing in ways I've never seen before. To Jon, who feels it more than I do at times. To Iz and Jack, who can't really comprehend all I'm going through, yet are good-natured about it as much as they can be. To my parents, for whom watching me on TV was remarkably surreal, to my brother, who thoughtfully recorded my national debut and my sister, who makes me look better than I do in the real world.

To Canada Dan, who listens to me when I'm crashing and still comes back for more. To Amy and Rebecca, who opened my mind and heart to the woman's way of sending messages out into the world. To Laughing Lotus and my amazing teachers, who bring me back to reality and breath when it spirals out of control.

To Alice and Sara and Susan, who waved at me from the audience and made me feel like I was at home. To Whoopi, who loved the book and got people talking. And endless private thanks to the person who made that happen. To the producers at The View and the Strategy Room, who were willing to host the conversation.

To all the people, close friends, total strangers, and everyone in between who read, commented, forwarded, retweeted, answered. Your enthusiasm blew me away.

Thank you peeps.

My heart is full.


LPC said...

Good. I'm glad to know that sometimes all the anxiety dies down, and in your position, you just feel happy on occasion.

Lisa Adams said...

I really hope this positive feeling lasts for's been noticeably absent, even when things were going "well". It seems you are on the verge of changing direction, starting anew but having trouble getting on that path. I wish you every happiness as you move forward. Can't wait to see what you will do next.

Chelsea said...

Thank YOU for writing this blog and giving us all something to read and somewhere to connect.

Anonymous said...

IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................