Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me. Live. On national tv.

So. For those of you who don't know (and I can't imagine anyone I know doesn't know this ad nauseum), I was on THE VIEW yesterday.


By late yesterday afternoon I was so depleted I was beyond talking, and could only lie on my bed, tears of exhaustion leaking, obsessively checking twitter, facebook, emails and the amazon sales rank. While my body was wrecked, my brain was still spinning. But, I had to get up for homework, dinner, and a 3rd grade auction art project. After all that, insomnia ran rampant. So, an advance apology for this bullet pointed post. I'm not yet capable of winding thoughts coherently together.

• The outfit was perfect. We sat at table so no one could see the brown boots/pants. And the scarf was a huge hit (although a challenge for the sound guy trying to hide my microphone wire).

• I had my own dressing room. I spent all of 3 minutes in it, but still.

• I met Elisabeth in makeup. She was enthusiastic and lovely.

• HD makeup requires lots of layering.

• The green room wasn't green.

• The closer we got to our appearance the more I shut down. For an outgoing, relatively bubbly person, it was disconcerting.

• I wasn't nervous. Maybe the quietness was my way of dealing.

• I've never watched The View before.

• The questions were scripted.

• I didn't get a mug.

• I knew people in the audience and that was a thrill—huge smiles greeting me when I walked onstage.

• Before our segment started Whoopi said it was a pleasure to meet me.

• I tripped over words and was pissed at myself that I didn't do a better job.

• It went really fast.

• I couldn't make all the points I wanted to.

• After our segment ended, Whoopi thanked me for writing the book and starting the conversation.

• I told her we'd spent the night before watching her POISE shorts. It was a momentary love fest.

• As soon as we were taken back stage we were escorted out of the studio.

• I signed 30/40 books outside after the show.

• One woman wanted me to sign it to her son Julian saying he should always treat women with respect, empathy, and understanding.

• 3 had the dedications made to their husbands

• Jon and I went to Shun Lee for lunch, a super fancy Chinese restaurant.

• He found a piece of glass in his shrimp.

• I had a cocktail that was pomegranate juice, apple liquor and vodka. Delicious.

• Most of lunch was spent with me worrying I didn't do well and Jon reassuring me I was ok.

• When I watched the segment back I was really proud of myself. Iz couldn't stop smiling. Jack told me I was great.

• As the show closed, Whoopi held up the book and told the audience they should give a copy to everyone they know.

• I've been on TV twice before: a local Manhattan cable show and Channel 12 in New Jersey, years ago. I was pregnant with Iz and I think the patterned shirt I wore caused motion sickness in viewers.

• Talking on TV in front of cameras, felt like talking in my living room or on a street corner. No panic or freezing.

• I want to do it again.


Brooks J. Young said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That a HUGE blessing! I did not know you were on but I am glad that you were!

Blessings to you :)

Brooks @brooksjyoung

Caroline Hagood said...

I looked you up after we recently "met" on Twitter and I saw a description of Flow in your profile. I watched your Let Them Talk interview on YouTube and you came off as self-possessed, knowledgeable, and charming. You just got yourself a new fan.

Megan said...

I LOVE the point form notes! Turns out it wasn't as much of a blur as you thought it would be.

I CAN'T wait for my book to come. What's taking Amazon so long??


p.s. ooos, I almost forgot! Congratulations!