Thursday, February 4, 2016

swirling thoughts

Well, not really swirling. Regular meditation has turned down the swirl volume significantly. But these days, without a project to totally immerse myself in, new ideas float in fairly often. 

Sadly, they float out almost as quickly without my having acted on them. 

An idea arrives. I work it through a bit in my head. And then off it goes without having been fully explored or put out in the world in any real way. These days it's public education. Unfair funding. High school admissions. The college process. The state of politics both nationally and in MYC. Bureaucracy. The frustration of trying to make changes. Menstruation has popped up again. 

I wonder if I should focus on one area again. One argument. One point of view and let all the rest go. But nothing is consuming me the way things used to. 

I take that as a sign of health and balance. But I miss the drive and the end of day accomplishments. 

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