Monday, February 15, 2016


I had my tarot cards read today. Actually, it was far more of an interactive and internal journey - general I'm more of a passive bystander but this was significant give and take and I found that I was sharing more of myself than I do just about ever. With anyone. 

Perhaps it's time to change things up. Actually I know it's time. Or at least my gut sensed it and that's why it was important for me to do this. Right now. 

There were many take aways. The one, mid session, that struck home hardest were:

ruthlessly cut myself off from negative 

can't be the healer of everyone 

cut out everything that doesn't make me feel good

Wow. As much/most of my life is trying to make things better for everyone around me, on so many levels, the thought of giving some or any of that up is daunting. Feels impossible. And terrifying. What would I do with that space? How would the people I help handle things? What does taking care of myself and focus on positive even mean? 

Those are such profound, life changing, overwhelming thoughts. But perhaps it's time for profound, life changing and yes overwhelming action. 

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