Saturday, February 27, 2016


My mom just got home after 6 plus weeks in the hospital and rehab. 

My older one is smack in the middle of the college process. 

My younger one is struggling with the transition to high school. 

It's year two of a business I started and it's not coming together yet. 

The fight I've been fighting for fair funding in NYC schools gets more and more time consuming. 

This is my second year heading up the PTA at the largest high school in the country. 

Co writing a movie for the first time isn't what it was when I started. 

I've had my period for 12 days straight. 

Each of the above is fraught with emotions, changes, unknowns. There have been moments of pure joy. Others of abject fear. 

So many things swirling. 

Often at the same time. 

The juggle is real. 

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