Saturday, February 13, 2016

next up

Yesterday was talking about menstruation. Next up is rallying a NYC school community to fight for fair funding. Throw in my new business helping people navigate our complicated high school process along with exploring new avenues to get the word out about what I'm doing in that regard.

I've got pieces to write.

Agendas to construct.

Plans to make.

People to motivate.

Ideas to communicate.

And then there's the rest of life.

Valentine's cards to make.

Cookies to bake.

Yoga classes to take (this rhyming is unintentional).

Movies to write.

Blog posts to ponder.

Much is on my to do list at the moment. But at this very moment, I've got a dog on my lap, a chocolate cupcake staring me down, and a comedy juggling show to go to in a few minutes. And those trump everything else listed above.

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