Friday, October 1, 2010

Right now

I don't have it in me to write an entire post today so I thought I'd sort of fill in the blanks for my day so far. And anonymous, if you're lurking, this isn't complaining, it's stating.

I woke up at 7:11 to a rainy, dark sky, somewhat freaked I'd be waking she who must not be named up late.

She wasn't happy.

Fortunately, as there was about to be a meltdown about nothing to wear, I mentioned I'd washed all her cool shirts the night before so she'd have something to wear.

But, the machine apparently turned off mid wash and everything was sopping wet, including her gym uniform.

Blow drying didn't work.

Neither did screaming really loud and slamming doors (that was me).

I threw on clothes and offered to get her to school, as she'd already missed her usual bus.

One of us wasn't wearing rain boots, a rain coat and didn't want to use an umbrella.

That wasn't me but I'm soaked anyway.

We made it to school, with time to spare, only the person I needed to see was stuck in traffic.

Walking home I rubbed a blister onto my pinkie toe and discovered the fabulous new umbrella I was using for the first time doesn't close all the way unless I ram it so hard into my abdomen there must be bruising.

This is all after I went to bed before 10, feeling the very faintest glimmers of a coldy sort of thing.

This morning it's a raging headache.

My period started and then stopped.

The post bike fall pain in my left hand has now spread to my fingers.

My new hair isn't faring well.

I have a delicious puppy on my lap.

A friend is doing a massage therapy appointment in half an hour, for free, to help my leg and palm.

I found a t-shirt by my clothes-less child's favorite design for half price at Filene's Basement.

I'm alone until 3.

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