Monday, October 4, 2010

it's not summer anymore

Fall is in the air. As I'm sitting here in my car (for those of you who don't already know, I do NYC alternate side parking which means I sit in my car 2 mornings a week so I can park for free), the tips of my fingers are going numb. My flip flops are under my desk, not on my feet. I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt. And (this is the good part), I delved into my coat collection. This is the part of fall that I love. There are so many beautiful, funky, outrageous coats crammed in my closet and each has a distinct feeling that's right for the day, the outfit, the weather. I've found, now that my vintage collection is a few years old, I generally have a couple that get worn all the time, others that get broken out once a season.

Looking out my window this morning and seeing grey and dark, I pondered jacket selections. Even though it's on the chilly side, I'm not ready for the super fall jackets. And as it's drizzling, rain options seemed appropriate. For the past few days I've been wearing a sparkly beige faux crocodile textured 1960s rain coat. I found it in a vintage shop in Vermont where it was on half price special—it cost 4 dollars instead of 8. And it's stunning. Paired with a long fuschia scarf wrapped twice around my neck, or a hot pink one with orange flowers, or a black wrapped trimmed with pom pons, it's been perfect.

But today is chillier than that. I broke out the jacket I bought last week at the Maker Faire in Queens. While it was labeled a 60s jacket, I find that hard to believe. It's brand new and the zippers and contruction aren't vintage. But, it was impossible not to buy. Black velvet, cropped short, printed with hot pink and orange poppies up the sleeves and body, leaves of olive and brown edging the petals. While I never wear short jackets this was the second I bought this fall.

But then, the scarf. I pulled five or so out of my closet and couldn't decide which worked best. Long fuschia cotton with embroidered flowers at the ends felt too summery. The hand knit deep orange in linen/mohair wasn't quite bright enough. The black with pom pons felt too drab. The mobius loop I knit last winter in shades of pink, orange and brown matched best but I wasn't sure the style was right. The red and orange wrap overwhelmed everything else. I almost ran back to get another batch but I had to take Jack to school. Mobius loop it was. Is. And it's fine.

I bet the next time I go out today I'll be in something else entirely

And damn, that makes me happy.

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