Thursday, May 5, 2016


I recently was cast in a project that was real moms talking about motherhood. It went live yesterday:

I am usually a good talker. Self possessed. On top of my info and in control of my conversation. 

I like talking in front of crowds. I own my facts and can riff and make an deep impression in real time. 

Not this time. 

As I talked to the remarkable women who were also part of the project I felt smaller and smaller, not quite sure why I was there. They had such riveting, inspirational, life changes stories about being a mom. 

Not me. I'm just a mom. No huge circumstances or out of the box tangents. 

I'm a mom who didn't necessarily want children back in the day. But I'm a mom whose entire reason for being became clear as I grow into this role. I'm a mom who loves her kids profoundly,
Who appreciates their quirks, who celebrates their very being here, who will listen to just about any topic just to spend time. 

I'm a mom who is, and will always be a mom first, no matter what else I do in life. 

What a precious opportunity this was, to talk about something that changed me, made me, motivates me, moves me.  

The campaign is How We Family. And that is something I do with all my heart.