Tuesday, January 6, 2015

not writing about menopause

I made a commitment to write about menopause for 40 days to see if there was a book project in there for me to dig into. 

Turns out I wasn't writing about menopause after awhile, I was more whining about it. And that, for me, isn't motivation to delve into anything. 

Menopause is what it is. I'll live through it, perhaps navigate some unknown territory, will miss my period when it's gone and that's that. As my yoga teacher said at the beginning of class yesterday, quoting from some graffiti that made her stop and stare: 

this is so fucking temporary

I LOVE that. It's honest and true and describes menopause to a T. It describes many things to a T. And that's what I'm going to hold onto as I live this phase. 

Still haven't figured out my next project. But not knowing is only temporary too.